Voting Event: Readers Choice Awards

Magewell has once again been nominated for two StreamingMedia Readers Choice Awards – in the “Hardware Input Devices for Live Production” and “Single or Dual-Stream Encoding Appliances” categories. Vote for Magewell today!

Pro Convert for NDI? to HDMI

The low-latency plug-and-play NDI? to HDMI converter simplifies video-over-IP workflows for presentation and distribution applications

Pro Capture Dual SDI 4K Plus

Support for capturing two simultaneous channels of 4K video at full 60fps from single-link 12G-SDI, dual-link 6G-SDI or quad-link 3G-SDI interfaces

Mini Repeater HDMI 4K

Receives & equalizes & transmit an HDMI signal and outputs it to another HDMI cable

Case Studies

Magewell Capture Devices Help Phenix Deliver High- Quality Streams with Minimal Latency

Free Video Capture Software&Tools

Capture Express

Magewell Bridge for NDI

USB Capture Utility

Magewell cards present an excellent value. They are stable even after running for a long time and offer great quality processing.
Michal Ivani?
CTO Streamstar
Magewell products make that very easy for all with just plug in and provide high quality at the video capture. We will love to recommend Magewell products and a huge thanks for fast service and support from Magewell.
Jan Tunli
CEO of Interplay-sports ASa
When we set out to find a high quality, low latency 4 channel card for our new Wirecast Gear product, Magewell met all our needs. SDI, HDMI and price points that make for a truly customer-friendly integration.
Kenneth Bell
Desktop Channel Manager
Magewell’s SDK has allowed us to implement the low-latency integration within just a couple of days.We were also impressed by the overall quality of the boards and the fact that there are cards with rare configurations such as 4 HDMI inputs.
Andrey Okunev
CEO of Medialooks
Magewell capture card products are top notch quality and amazingly user friendly. Their capture cards supports single or multiple HDMI/SDI inputs and mostly just works right out of the box.
Henrik Levring
SplitmediaLabs CEO
Magewell build reliable capture devices that work great with vMix. Many of our customers use Magewell in their live video productions with good results.
Operations Manager vMix
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